Reflections on my Second Silent Retreat


Few weeks ago, I attended a 5-day silent retreat organized by the Dharmata Foundation. Since coming back, I’ve done some thinking about how it went and what I experienced, and a number of people have asked me what it was like. As this story was...

On Health and Wellness


Being Healthy -- It is something many of us would say we want. Who would ever say I don’t want to be healthy? Then again, for a good chunk of my life I personally never considered what does “being healthy” actually means to me. Nor have I...

Introducing a Toolbox

axe-close-up-drill-909256(b) (1).jpg

It’s been a little while since I’ve added more content here. After the last post, I had back-to-back business travel followed by a 2-week vacation to the UK. Coming back to normal flow after being outside of The Box of Daily Experience(*) for...

Discovering Balance and Focus Through Being Bored


This is a sequel to the post, where I talked about several life-planning professionals who forced me to ponder the question, “what’s your plan?” The scope of what they were referring to was the entirety of my remaining lifetime: the goals, the...

How I Manage My Personal Network with Airtable


Last October, while doing some long-term personal reflection in the woods of Jefferson, Maine, one of the things I added to my list of important things to look into was to start more intentionally (re)connecting with people.