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Discovering Balance and Focus Through Being Bored


This is a sequel to the post, where I talked about several life-planning professionals who forced me to ponder the question, “what’s your plan?” The scope of what they were referring to was the entirety of my remaining lifetime: the goals, the...

What's Your Plan


“What’s your plan?” -- 15 months prior to this question we brought home a 2-year-old kid from South Korea. Eventually, we got around to being responsible parents and were now sitting in front of an attorney who would help us build an estate plan...

Universe Has a Way of Shaping Us

Star field with person looking up at it

A while back, maybe 7-8 years, one of my friends from high school was in town. We got in touch and set up a time to go out for a beer. We had a lot to catch up on, both of us got married, moved several times and changed several jobs. We became...