Quick Update... Books and books


Stack of books

I've been coming back to this site a a bunch lately and every time I open it, I stare at the one lonely post that I have made so far, "why are we here". It feels lonely and it is making me feel lonely :(

The main reason why this blog is remaining quite right now actually happens the same reason why I started this blog now in the first place:

A bunch of people asked me, hey Dennis do you have a place where you list all the books you keep recommending to us. It would be nice if you could write that down somewhere.

Me being the helpful guy that I am, I've been trying to assemble that list. So while the blog post is empty, the Bookshelf has been slowly populating with details.

I never realized how much work writing something seemly simple could take and the time that can go into this. At the rate I am going, to add 2-3 paragraph blurb per book I am averaging at about 20-30 min/book.

Also I'm really not liking the layout and static nature of the Bookshelf. One of the things I added to the backlog is to see what I can do about that, possibly make it more dynamic and fun to look through. If anyone has thoughts/ideas/suggestions, drop me a line.